Movement, dimension, contrast & concept

One of a Kind & Statement

Brenda’s pieces are actually miniature bold sculptures. Most are one-of-a-kind or limited edition. They often have movement, dimension, contrast and concept. “As an artist, I don’t strive to fit in a preconceived box but I do strive to push boundaries. Hence, the jewelry of fine art. Who doesn’t love beautiful colored gemstones? When a master cutter gets his or her hands on prized rough, something magical happens. Those are the gemstones that I seek for this collection. All stones are personally sorted and selected. Sometimes I have a master cut the stone specifically for a design and sometimes I design around the stone. In those instances, I prefer non-calibrated stones so they are as unique as the design. This collection is for the discriminating person who desires to express themselves with their jewelry. Rings can be sized to fit.

Feminine & classic


Pearls are a natural organic gem, so feminine and classic. I enjoy creating everything from basic pearl earrings that are so classy and can be worn with jeans or for the most formal event, to creating jewelry that coordinates with every look, to contemporary styles enhanced with gemstones in unexpected, statement designs. All pearls are natural color, cultured pearls. These are truly not like your grandmother’s pearls!

Affordable, collectable, fun & unique

Black n’ Gold n’ Diamonds

This edgy, contemporary collection was birthed while performing small-scale blacksmithing. I was cutting sheet steel and decided to cut a traditional, teardrop jewelry shape for earrings. After burning holes into the steel cutouts, I dapped them into a concave form, placed ear wires on the drops and highlighted areas with gold paint. Thinking the design was quite interesting, I wore them for several days and received all positive comments. That was the beginning of the collection. The goal was to create a contemporary line that was affordable, collectable, fun and unique. That meant using sterling silver for the metal. I oxidized it since it will oxidize anyway. The pieces were highlighted with 14-18k yellow gold for contrast and diamond melee for additional dimension and value. Some pieces have additional genuine colored gemstones accents. Retail prices range from $200-$2000.

Simply designed, simply affordable & simply fun to wear


After recognition from creating award-winning, one-of-a-kind jewelry, seen on the Red Carpet, at the Jewelry Conclave runway and having pieces in the permanent collection at the Smithsonian, I realized that I needed to create a collection for today’s woman that is affordable, contemporary and beautiful so everyone can enjoy. This collection features multi-colored genuine gemstones in 14k and 18k gold with simple designs that are simply affordable and simply fun. Average retail prices range from $495 to $3750.

Clever stick figures & genuine gemstones


A great way to celebrate your life and family with these clever stick figures accented with genuine gemstones. Available in 14k yellow gold and sterling silver with rhodium plating. Great for gifts and also for layering.

A pearl that represents you

Jewelry of Faith

The Jewelry of Faith Collection began with the Pearl of Great Price© pendant. It contains a pearl that represents You, a vine fashioned from the metal that represents Life and an amethyst that represents Royalty. The concept developed after a near death experience, when Brenda had a heart revelation about who she really is in Christ, that Jesus, the merchant, deliberately seeks us out and paid the highest price possible to buy you and me. The pearl is symbolic and a constant reminder of our value.

Mt.13:6 The kingdom of heaven is like a merchant seeking fine pearls, and upon finding one pearl of great value, he went and sold all that he had and bought it. 

Cultured pearls are featured, and some have gemstones as well, all set in noble metals. The newest design is the Jerusalem cross, the oldest Christian heraldic symbol from the 1100s, available in sterling silver and 14k yellow gold.

Stand out from the ordinary


Brenda Smith’s unique designs extend to jewelry for the distinctive male who wants to stand out from the ordinary. These special pieces are hand fabricated with noble metals, typically with uncalibrated, unique cuts, utilizing the best stone cutters.