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Filigree Necklace with White Topaz

Sterling silver necklace with 18k yellow gold accents featuring 8.5mm button pearl and 0.60 ctw white topaz, 18″ long with large ornamental lobster clasp.



  • I first met Brenda Smith at a trade show in Las Vegas. As colored gemstone enthusiast I was breathless when I saw her Intrigue Ring during the Spectrum Awards, which was set with an incredible 22ct prasiolite set hovering over an upside-down mandarin garnet. The way the light moved, the ring was masterfully designed to show an incredible optical illusion of alternating rings of green and orange colour…and it officially began my love affair with her jewelry! A year later, I recommended her jewelry for inclusion in Out of this World! Jewelry in the Space Age, a traveling exhibition with several one-of-kind futuristic designs. I enjoy keeping in touch with Brenda Smith as a friend and admired designer, always amazed at the artistry she continuously brings to the table.

  • I love, love, love my Jewelry of Faith!  My husband has gifted me with Brenda’s exquisite collection.  I can honestly say my Jewelry of Faith is my go to jewelry 9 times out of 10.  They go with everything and always look so elegant. I get compliments every time I wear them.    To think that I own such beautiful pearls designed by Brenda Smith, jeweler to the Stars and the Smithsonian.  My son is having Brenda design an engagement ring for his sweetheart. Her talents go beyond expression.  Brenda is an amazing, gifted, creative artisan!

  • Brenda Smith and her custom creations have enhanced my appreciation and enjoyment of my jewelry collection as she has made custom pieces to fit me perfectly. Whether I am at the opera or giving a presentation for my company, the one of a kind unique quality of her designs bring praise and attention. Additionally, She keeps my preferences in mind when she releases new work or shops for new pearls and gems. My husband loves how she has made his shopping easy as he just call her and she helps him select just the proper piece for me.

  • Brenda Smith’s jewelry has been a Godsend to my family and me. My wife has very discriminating taste and finding gifts and/or jewelry for her was always a challenge until discovering Brenda Smith. Her designs from earrings, to bracelets to necklaces is always right on and a hit with my wife. She is also designing an engagement ring for our son! My days of shopping elsewhere are over!!!

  • Whether she's inspired by nature, textiles, metaphysics, science or whimsy - Brenda's interpretation of life's wonders can be found in her bespoke designs.

  • Gaze past the facets on a carefully crafted jewel to see light glittering from its surface, blazing into slivers of gleaming color, enhancing the visual experience of even a casual glance. The creator of such a treasure has taken delicate care in its design, choosing elements that fit together to express a particular sentiment, using art to make a statement about life itself.

    The Master Designer has carefully crafted each individual person as His own treasure. He fashions every jewel to reflect facets of His own personality, providing just the right touch, the exact curve or edge, to show something unique about the Life He offers.

    Brenda Smith has a deep love for the Master Designer. She recognizes His handiwork in the people she meets and sees His art in nature’s world. Motivated by her relationship with the Him, Brenda crafts pieces that reflect delicate care, eternal worth and timeless passion. Each of her creations is a tangible reminder to precious people of the God who has designed them as special, and defined them as priceless.

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